About Us

Amagi Development strongly believes in teamwork. For us, our team of professionals is our most valuable asset.

Through their experience, knowledge and ability, they make possible the implementation of new projects. We work together with other housing companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies so that we can build up a steady and efficient core, able to produce and manage goods and services, focused on the market’s current demands.

Our team, led by the company manager, is made up of 4 mutually interacting main areas. They maximise their synergies to attain the desired target. They are a multidisciplinary team, able to draw up a development that brings together efficiency and comfort to achieve the best results cost-effectively.

our team

Óscar Mon Seijas
Company Manager

Miguel Rami Moliner
Technical Director

Carla Nascimento

Diego Rodríguez Sánchez
Legal Adviser

Raúl Pérez Boan
Tax and Financial Adviser

Pablo Hermida Velasco
Tax and Financial Adviser